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International Epilepsy Day

The Epilepsy Foundation and the epilepsy community declared the second Monday in February as an annual awareness day for epilepsy. The day provides a platform for people with epilepsy to tell their stories and talk about their experiences.

Spreading the word about consequences of epilepsy that people hardly ever think about like the stigma and discrimination patients wish risk of epilepsy have to endure is crucial to ensure the rights of people with epilepsy are respected. It's important to start a discussion about epilepsy to create more awareness and support a more vulnerable part of the community.

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Support International Epilepsy Day with Your Design

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How to Help on International Epilepsy Day

Join in the worldwide effort to combat the stigma against epilepsy. Spread awareness about the social aspects that people might not be aware of by creating educational material. Host events not only for patients with epilepsy but also relatives and the rest of your local community.

Invite medical professionals, who can talk about the types of epilepsy, epilepsy in children, and the effects of severe epilepsy. Consider other fundraising activities like epilepsy walks to get donations that go towards improved treatment or contribute to research on finding a cure for epilepsy.