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Online Label Maker: Create Stunning Labels Every Time

Whether you need a label maker online for shipping labels or for address labels that reflect your brand, Design Wizard’s easy-to-use online label creator lets you design and print labels in minutes. Add any features or elements to your labels that you want and see what a difference starting with custom templates for your labels really do make!

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How to Create a Label Online Using Design Wizard's Label Maker

Choose the type of label you want to create from our vast library of professional label templates. It could be a product label or perhaps it’s a gift label, whatever your needs, we have the perfect label design.

Go ahead and personalize your label. Who says all labels are created equal? You can get creative and add photos or images that are unique to you. Of course, you are going to want to include text that indicates what the purpose of the label is. There are a wide variety of fonts from which you can choose.

Customize your label template. All labels on Design Wizard’s site are customizable. Change colors. Experiment with layout. Have some fun with it!

Download and print. It’s that easy—and that fast. If for instance, you need a shipping label in a hurry, you literally can create a professional-looking label in a matter of minutes.

Custom Labels with Personality!

Because of how easy our online label maker is and because of the abundance of options you have as far as customization, your label will inevitably have personality. Your design is a reflection of you and your brand after all.

And it is super easy to use. You don’t need some expensive label designer or label-making software. We give you all of the tools necessary to create everything from gift tags to labels for clothing to address labels. Whatever design you have in mind for your brand and your products, we can accommodate!

Online Label Templates for Every Occasion

So why create a custom label? Labels are so versatile, not to mention they help keep things organized and running smoothly.

Label Design with Style

The great thing is label makers such as Design Wizard’s online label creator are not just for graphic designers. Anyone can generate personal labels or those for commercial use even, with our intuitive label-making tool.

The sky really is the limit as far as the designs you can create, download and print. Share your label ideas with the world—quite literally as you send out packages and products bearing your custom label. What do you want your label to say about you? You have the ability to get as creative as you want.