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9 Spooky Halloween Templates

It’s time for trick or treating, for parties, and of course fun! Halloween is an arts and crafts lover’s dream. From pumpkin carving to face painting and so much more, there is a ton to do and so much fun to be had come Halloween. The question is, are you ready for the big event? With Design Wizard’s numerous Halloween templates, we have something for everyone.

An avid pumpkin carver can find just about any stencil available on our platform. Face painters come and see the best designs we have to offer. Having a Halloween party and need something special for your invites? We have templates for that too. Scroll through our holiday-themed library and find exactly what appeals to you.

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Whatever Your Project, We Make it Easy

As Halloween approaches, you probably have a lot of great projects in mind. There is a template for everything available through Design Wizard, from pumpkin carving to label making to card decorating. And the process of creating your next project could not be easier. Our smart dashboard walks you through the edit and customizing process step by step.

Step 1: Select your desired printable, label or template. There are a host of things you can do with the templates we provide. Our team of skilled designers has done an incredible job of bringing together some amazing Halloween inspired designs for you to work off of. So whether you want to make a printable invitation for a Halloween party or something both fun and spooky by way of a pumpkin carving template, just search through our collection and find what appeals to you.

Step 2: Customize your fun new template. Make no mistake about it, this is all about having some fun—and creating a stunning design. Our templates help you bring your vision to life this Halloween, whatever that vision may entail. You can adjust the color to your liking, move images and graphic elements around, even swap out the background. You really can add your own personal touch to any template you choose helping to make your Halloween day one to remember.

Step 3: Personalize your printable design. If applicable, you do have the option of personalizing the templates you select. Adding special photos or graphics is so easy with Design Wizard’s dashboard. Sky’s the limit here.

Step 4: Print or share your Design Wizard template. Whatever type of project you’ve created, you can easily share or print it. Show off to your friends how you spent your day—engaged in creating an amazing template to be used for pumpkin carving, face painting, card stencils, you name it.

Printable Pumpkin Stencils

In this day and age, pumpkin carving has been elevated to an art form. You really can carve and/or paint anything you want onto a pumpkin in order to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. Flowers, spooky characters, cute images, even a special word can all be generated and then applied via stencil to the pumpkin you wish to carve. That’s all there is to it. Create something that’ll have those trick or treaters left astounded!

Did Someone Say Party?

The Halloween season especially is largely about parties. Day or night, it doesn’t matter, people love to get their costumes on, let their hair down and have some fun. Our templates offer a variety of party invite ideas, as well as poster and decoration ideas to hang up in your home. Make this year’s holiday-themed bash extra special with a template and/or templates that help take your event to that next level.