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Fun Day at Work

On 28th January, we all get to celebrate Fun Day at Work. This day is about finding ways to highlight ways you can have fun in the workplace and increase motivation levels. Foster employee engagement by creating space for a fun activity or mindful break.

Gather creative ideas from everyone for maximum participation. Pick up whatever you can from conversations around the water cooler to find ideas that some colleagues might be too shy to bring forward. This way, you can create and combine team bonding exercises with fun activities.

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 Make Your Day At Work Fun with Design Wizard

Create an activity for teams and design a poster or flyer to let your co-workers know Fun Day at Work is coming up. Or share a virtual invitation on the internal network. Whatever you decide to go for, Design Wizard has your back.

Here's how you can get your design ready:

Step 1: To get started, browse the Design Wizard library of National Fun Day at Work templates. Find a style you like and select it to open in the dashboard.

Step 2: Personalize your template by changing colors, adjusting text, or adding images and icons.  Add the details for all your activities and tweak font style, size, and line spacing.

Step 3: Save and download your final version. Whether you're creating invitations, posters, or social media posts, you can always make your design fit with the resize tool. And now it's time to give your co-workers and friends a spark of motivation.

How to Celebrate Fun Day at Work

First and foremost, happy employees start with job satisfaction but the benefits of laughter call for office fun. So, give Fun Day At Work a go and try different activities like an art challenge and afternoon for game time. Playing board games can also be a great team bonding activity.

To boost happiness levels even further, consider giving away corporate gifts like cinema vouchers or quirky gifts like a basket of mystery ingredients. Things like a gift card and fun games are sure to show that a business cares about its employees.