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Snapchat Geofilters

Get snap happy with these geofilter templates

Elevate your snaps with a touch of creativity using Snapchat Geofilters! Say goodbye to boring photos and hello to personalized masterpieces in just a few clicks. Explore our vast collection of free, customizable templates that cater to every occasion and style. Unleash your inner designer by adding text, shapes, colors, and images to create a unique Geofilter that truly reflects your personality. Stand out from the crowd and make every snap unforgettable with Snapchat Geofilters today!

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Other Snapchat Templates templates

Geofilters for any occasion

Snapchat geofilters are made for fun rather than profit, which is why brands are not permitted to include logos, trademarks or hashtags in their Snapchat geofilters. Eliminating the obvious marketing ploys means the templates are open to pure creativity!

To make a stand-out Snapchat geofilter, the image should be relevant to the event or location. It also shouldn’t cover up too much of the screen, try to keep it a maximum of 25%.

Design Wizard's custom geofilters are a clever way to maximize events such as workshops, webinars, and seminars. But they are also brilliant for personal use; create your own semi-transparent custom geofilters for special occasions like weddings, parties and sports events.


Originality is the secret to creating compelling custom Snapchat filters! We have designed a series of unique Snapchat filter templates ready to be edited and shared. But you can start with a blank canvas too to create a custom Snapchat filter image that can be applied by all of your friends and guests.

Edit your Snapchat geofilter template

Our resize button allows you to tailor your geofilter for posting on the likes of Facebook and Instagram too. With just a single click your template will transform itself into the ideal size for posting.

If you like you can change the size, style and color of the font or align it to the left, right or the center of the template.

To add shapes to the design, click on the Shapes button and choose from either circles, rectangles and triangles in solid or outline form. These are great for creating text boxes and borders.

How to design Snapchat Geofilters in 4 simple steps

1. Select your Snapchat Geofilters template from over 17.000 ready-made templates.

2. Select one of more than 1.200.000 images or upload your own image.

3. Change the color and text of your own personal message using over 100 fresh fonts.

4. Share or download your own brand new Snapchat Geofilter.