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Customizable Diploma Templates 

Our Diploma Templates allow you to create great looking certificates for any educational institution or program without any need for graphic design experience. Our certificate templates are all professionally designed, and easy to edit, meaning you can create your very own diploma certificates for any education program in minutes.

Simply click the editable templates to customize. Input any relevant details about the diploma course to create a personalized presentable certificate award to celebrate that special occasion.

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What is a Diploma?

A diploma is a certificate or award issued by an educational institution, such as college or university, that declares a scholar has been successful in completing a particular course of study. The academic award is given after the completion of a study program in different courses such as a diploma in higher education, diploma in graduation or diploma in post-graduation etc.

Customizable Diploma Certificate Templates

Having a beautiful diploma certificate is important. The scholar receiving the certificate may wish to display it in their homes or their workplace as a way of acknowledging their educational achievements. Therefore our diploma certificate templates are fully customizable allowing you full control over the diploma certificate wording, color, typography, letter size, spacing, and design.

How to create your certificate template

Browse your selection of diploma templates until you find a degree certificate that meets your needs and design expectations. You can turn the original certificate template into anything you want by customizing the certificate working to include the names of the scholars, the year, the name of the high school diploma, college diploma template, or even certificate of appreciation, or membership certificates if you wish. 

Once you have chosen the high school diploma certificate template, you can use Design Wizard's easy-to-use online editor to make it your own. Hover the mouse over the diploma template and select an element to edit. 

By clicking on the text elements, you can increase or decrease the font size, change its coloring, or change the font style until you have a decent typography fitting for special accomplishments and educational achievements made. 

Choose from a wide selection of font styles to find one that suits your degree or certificate needs. Alternatively, you can upload your own fonts in minutes.

It's easy to choose the color scheme of your template with Design Wizard's color dropper or color wheel. Alternatively, you can enter the color code you wish to have on own diploma template

Ensure that the important information is out front increasing the font size of the different lines of text. Making your high school diploma degree certificate is legible is important, so make sure not to make the text too small, or too big. 

Printable Degree Certificates

Add or take away any graphic design elements to make it just the way you want, before downloading your full color diploma certificate for the special occasion. Our printable certificate templates mean you create, download and print as many copies as you need so you have multiple certificates to hand out to students. For best quality, make sure you print on specialty paper for printing.

What to include on a Diploma Certificate

What you include on the college diploma certificate or degree certificate will depend a lot on the type of certificate being awarded. Whether it's a high school diploma or college diploma, you should aim to include all the pertinent details of the course and the candidate. College Prep High School Diplomas are given to students who have completed the basic curriculum while maintaining a certain GPA score. Or if the student completed a diploma in special education, the fully customizable templates allow you to state so.

Decide whether or not you want to include the passing grade or state honors grade on the high school diploma certificate or your college diploma template. Used organized layers to control the amount of detail and elements on the degree certificate, such as shapes, illustrations, and other graphic elements for your diploma templates and student certificates.

Have full control over the messaging and certificate wording of your own diploma template or the degree certificate. Diploma certificates usually include the name of the school or educational institution that the scholar achieved the the award. Also included would be the school year in which the scholar completed the who course. And, of course, the name of the scholar who these official documents are for.