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Graduation Announcement Template

Celebrations are in order! Whether you're saying so long to high school or the time has come for your college graduation, our graduation announcement templates are the perfect choice to help you get the word out there. 

Every graduation is a major accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated! We are with you for all of your milestones and special occasions and our graduation announcement templates will make the transition to your next stage even easier.

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How do I create graduation announcements?

You don't have to have graduated as a graphic designer! Design skills are not required to make any of our themed announcements. All you need are custom messages and a bit of added flair. 

To begin, simply choose any from our selection of unique and stylish graduation announcement templates. Once you have your perfect choice you can customize it with your own graduation announcement wording. 

What do you want to say in this ultimate announcement, who will be reading it? Think about the special meaning and personalize the text to create your custom messages for added personalization.

What if I want to announce a graduation party?

We are big supporters of parties and a graduation party has something extra special about it. Of course you can use your graduation announcement templates to make an official announcement about your upcoming graduation party! 

Our team of professional designers kept this in mind as they worked on our graduation announcement maker. From a basic invites to all the bells and whistles, we want you to have a better experience than you will with any other similar technologies. Consider these custom templates with endless customization options. 

To transform your graduation announcement templates into graduation invitation templates, think about the extra information you're going to want to include on your selected design. The great thing about any Design Wizard graduation announcement template you choose is that you can integrate virtually any element into the overall design of your cards. Add special photos, play around with custom colors; this is your graduation party and these are your graduation cards--they should reflect who you truly are and all that you've accomplished!

Graduation Announcements for Every Type of Graduation!

Whether you're celebrating the end of high school or the last days of university or your college graduation, our unique graduation invitations are the perfect choice. If you go digital, share your homemade graduation announcement or personalized graduation invitations to Facebook or Instagram for all your friends to see. 

The custom options here are endless. Whatever graduation photo or special signs you wish to include, we say go for it! An announcement of this nature should be special. So whatever type of graduation you are celebrating, whatever kind of party you happen to be throwing, a custom announcement is certain to set it off!

How do I make the graduation card templates extra special?

Our image editor allows you to make stunning, fully customized graduation announcements in a fast and fun way but we can help you make it extra special for that special someone too.  Your selected design should represent you or whoever the recent grad is.

Thankfully, our graduation announcements, and even if you are doing a graduation invitation template, are all intuitive and all have a contemporary design so there are no major adjustments needed.

The achievement prestige is all in the design and message. When wording templates, we keep the text broad and inspiring. We make sure to have the perfect placement of text too so basic changes to font style, color and size will be easy to do.  

But your high school and college graduation announcements don't have to be for just one day. Make the memories last and repurpose your selected design for more permanent mementos like photo books, graduation thank you cards, graduation photo cards, or other relevant graduation gifts like a beautiful personalized graduation frame.