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National Hat Day

National Hat Day on 15th January is a fun occasion to celebrate different uses and styles of a piece of clothing that has protected our heads for millennia. Going back to ancient Egypt, you can find the first depiction of a person wearing a hat on the wall of a tomb.

Just a conical straw hat at the time, coverings of the head have evolved into bonnets, caps, fedoras, and many different styles depending on the use or the part of the world you find yourself in. Whether wide-brimmed or close-fitting, adorned with buttons or a hatband, on National Hat Day they all become the center of attention.

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How to Enjoy National Hat Day

This can be as simple as crafting your own hat out of paper or felt. It's not just fun for kids to cut and color! Now's the time to experience the joy of creating your own funky hat. 

Show off your fashion sense or passion for an era or country with different types of hats. Travel to France with the help of your imagination and a Beret on your head. How about some fancy dress with a top hat? And why not get your friends involved and throw a party where everyone gets to dress up? Your only rule: Wear a hat!

Craft Fun National Hat Day Graphics

If you're throwing a hat party, you might want to get crafty a little earlier than 15th January and send personalized invitations. Posters, flyers, or social media posts are all available on Design Wizard. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Scroll through our templates available in all kinds of sizes and formats. Don't worry if you change your mind later. You can resize your design at any time.

Step 2: Let your personality shine through and customize your design. Experiment with colors, background, and font. 

Step 3: Save and download your finished design and get ready to party!

A Little History of Hats

So much headgear has been developed over the years and now you can find anything from sporty baseball caps to iconic cowboy hats to the classic fedora. Starting out with a conical straw hat in ancient Egypt, humanity made its way through leather caps and felt hats to structured hats worn by courtiers in the 16th century.

In the 18th century, the best hats in the world came from Milan coining the term milliner. Bonnets and useful headgear for people working outdoors evolved. In the 19th century, many different styles emerged with decorations like flowers, ribbons, or feathers. National Hat Day has been celebrated since 1983 when schools, libraries, and museums invited students to wear their favorite hats on the day.

Be Anyone You Like Just for a Day

Whatever you're a fan of, show it with the style of your hat. Big into steampunk? Why not modify a top hat or bowler to get your personalized steampunk headgear ready for National Hat Day? Always dreamed about the life of an adventurer or a cowboy? Use a hat to get you in the zone and just pretend you're going on an adventure for a day.