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National Reading Day

National Reading Day is celebrated on 23rd January mainly by hosting annual events in public schools in the United States promoting books for children. The goal of the holiday is to raise awareness about the importance of reading and lifelong learning.

On this day, we're all encouraged to read more in our daily lives. It's about going beyond reading just one book by an award-winning writer but also looking at different genres as well as new and diverse voices.

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How to Celebrate National Reading Day

If there are little kids in the neighborhood, why not host your own story time? Read a fun story or re-enact an action-packed children's story.  Find out where the book clubs are meeting up in your area and which featured books from bestselling authors they're going to discuss next.

Start a book discussion about your favorite author with friends or host a tea party where you exchange books. This is even more fun if you wrap up the book like a present and don't tell your friend what's in it.

Promote Reading with a Customized Design

Design personalized accessories for readers like stickers or bookmarks to promote the joy of reading. Craft posters or party invitations with Design Wizard. Explore unlimited possibilities by adjusting our templates to your needs.

Here's how in three simple steps:

Step 1: Browse our National Reading Day templates in all kinds of sizes and formats. Don't worry if you change your mind later. You can resize your design at any time. 

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Step 3: Download and print your finished graphic or share it virtually via social media

The Importance of Access to Books

Particularly in the age of social media, you'll find an increased ability to concentrate among the benefits of reading. It improves brain connectivity and comprehension. In terms of mental and emotional health, books give you an insight into other people's perspectives and can foster empathy. These are just some of the reasons why it's crucial for children as well as adults to have access to books and to be encouraged to read. 

Bookworms don't need to be encouraged. For them, this process is natural. It starts with parents reading out loud at least one book before bed every night. Having learned to read themselves in school, more reading follows and quickly turns into opening a book by flashlight and getting sucked into a story every night.