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Free Vintage Logo

Get ready to turn heads with your brand's new vintage look! Vintage Logo offers a treasure trove of free, customizable templates that scream nostalgia and style. Browse our collection, pick your favorite template, and start crafting a logo that tells your unique story. With easy editing features, you'll have a timeless logo ready to download in no time. Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with Vintage Logo today!

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Make a Retro Logo That Clients Will Love

A logo attracts attention, but a vintage logo helps forge a connection between you and potential customers. It’s all about a retro logo design that says something meaningful and represents the value that you bring to the table. A classic logo that you can use any number of ways. Just think about the possibilities for your vintage logo.

Step 1: Select a logo design that fits your company’s vibe and style. If you’re all about vintage, then we have numerous classic logo templates for you. Our templates present a range of vintage options. Look at the different colors—what appeals to you? What sort of fonts blend well with your brand? Pay attention to logo details when selecting your ideal vintage template.

Step 2: Customize your logos. Whatever aspect of your vintage logo you want to change, you have the ability to do so. Make it your own! From adjusting background color, to switching out the main colors of the logo design, to selecting the ideal fonts for your vintage-inspired logo, our dashboard allows you to create an amazing logo in just minutes.

Step 3: Download and save your logo design. And that is all there is to it. Our Design Wizard team takes care of the hard part. You just take your completed logo (which can be downloaded and used in multiple formats) and post it where you like—spread your vintage design across the web, feature it on an app, sky’s the limit!

The Reason to Use Logos that Are Vintage

Why go with a vintage theme? Why throw it back to a classic design? Beyond giving your brand greater integrity and an enhanced feeling of longevity, logos of this nature tend to say something meaningful about the company. Vintage effects really do lend themselves to creating feelings of nostalgia and reliability. You can’t go wrong with any vintage logos you design.

Companies that Use Vintage Fonts and Templates

So what sorts of brands tend to stick with all things vintage? Logos like this are actually great for just about any business type. Highlighting classic fonts and colors, a logo with a vintage feel really does say a lot about your business. Some brands that might especially benefit from a vintage logo design include:

Any business that wants to inspire trust and credibility would get a huge boost from a brand new logo with that vintage feel.