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Tree Logo Templates

Depending on the nature of your brand and the type of business you’re in, utilizing a tree logo could be an ideal marketing solution. A tree logo design is not only easy to identify and readily accessible by many, but it also points to a connection with the natural world. This kind of “green” distinction could really go a long way for any company.

Trees represent integrity, solidness, strength, longevity, among a host of other qualities. Think about what a tree stands for and then ask yourself if it has a meaningful connection with the ideals of your business. Creating your new tree logo could not be any easier. Our design team has put together a free library of amazing tree illustrations and logos from which to choose. Which tree best exemplifies the vision and values of your brand?

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Pick a Tree Template and Create a Tree Logo For Your Brand

We’ve done the hard part for you. Using Design Wizard's logo maker anyone can create a professional-looking logo design that is symbolic of your brand and definitely "green." Design Wizard’s free logo library is chock full of tree images and free icons that will enable you to design the perfect tree-inspired logo design. Just scroll through our many tree logos and tree database and select which tree will make the most sense when used in conjunction with your brand.

Especially if your business has a green agenda, using a tree logo will help you take your message to the next level. We offer a variety of tree designs from which to choose. A tree for every occasion you might say!

Step 1: Select a tree logo design from our extensive free library of logo templates. Think about your company’s services—is there a type of tree logo design that makes more sense than others? If you are an apple farm, for example, find a tree image that most closely resembles the types of apple trees you grow. If you stress a "green" platform, which tree design best goes with your vision? How about for a mountain biking brand? Our free library provides logos for any business type. 

Step 2: Customize your new tree logo. This is where you get to have some fun with logo design. You can make the tree look however you want—adjust the color, change the background, tweak the tree size. You name it, we allow you to design a tree that works perfectly with your brand’s mission and vision.

Step 3: Save, download and share your brand new tree logo. And that is all there is to it. Once you’ve perfected your logo design, all you have to do is save it and it is ready to go, usable wherever you need—your website, social media, ad campaigns, business cards; this logo can literally be used anywhere and everywhere you want to make an impression.

Get Noticed with an Amazing Logo Design!

Your logo really does say something significant about you and what you do, make or sell. Run-of-the-mill logo design is simply not going to produce the results you desire. This is why using Design Wizard’s dashboard and tree logo library really is the way to go. Our experts have created an array of tree logos to suit every type of business: from green brands to mountain based companies to garden/nursery companies. Using our free tools, even a novice can turn a standard tree image into something truly memorable.

Free Logo Templates Make Graphic Design Fun and Easy

So what types of brands might decide to go with a tree logo, or any nature/green inspired logo for that matter? Whether your logo design incorporates a tree, the entire forest or perhaps just a few leaves, your logo should be inspired by your brand ideals. Using our free design tools, you may even be so inspired as to make multiple logos. Go ahead...after all, it is free! Some businesses that could certainly benefit from “green” logos and Design Wizard's free logo making tools include: