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Make a statement with a dynamic YouTube intro maker.

It's all about the intro!

The most important frames in every video are the first ones. But you don’t need expensive equipment to create an exciting video intro. Our easy-to-use YouTube intro maker is all you need to capture your audience’s attention. 

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Branding your YouTube channel

Whatever your brand or channel is, we will have the right video for your YouTube intro maker. From cutting edge technology to mindfulness, we regularly update our media libraries to cater for all kinds of companies. 

Marketing is all about moving forward so combine movement with story-telling to connect with potential customers. Your video intro is the best chance you have to make the right first impression. It’s like a trailer for your channel! 

Remember video marketing is one of the most efficient ways to stay ahead of your competitors, but it has to be good! Consumers these days are savvy and know quality when they see it. 

There is so much competition on YouTube and standing out from the sea of streaming videos isn’t easy but it is possible.

First and foremost, choose footage that packs a visual punch. Design Wizard has thousands of trending videos with contemporary themes and studio quality footage. 

Instagram worthy footage will boost your image no end. All of our footage has been professionally produced which means you will save thousands of dollars!  

Not only that, but we also have free high-definition videos which we update and reveal every week.

Get your video marketing off to the right start.

We also have a wide range of styles, from contemporary animations to real-life locations. Explore the libraries and save the videos you love by clicking the heart icon as you browse.  

 Our YouTube intro maker means you don’t have to sacrifice quality no matter what your budget may be. Your intro should be as unique as you which is why all of our YouTube intro maker video templates are super simple to customize.

Whether it is adding your own photos or images and if you’re uploading to your website as well as your YouTube channel Design Wizard’s clipmaker lets you put your signature stamp on your intro! 

But there are some creative choices you can make which will encourage people to hit that subscribe button.  Our brains are attracted to bright colours so use them liberally if you want your YouTube intro to be unforgettable. 

Vivid colours are even more vibrant if you add them on a plain black or white background. This sharp contrast will cause the colour to pop even more. 

You can try the same technique for text. Change the colour of your YouTube intro maker text to contrast with whatever background you choose. 

The eye is attracted to bold patterns like geometric designs, these are trending right now but always in fashion. Think Twitch!

If you are using your YouTube intro maker to deliver a message make sure you use a font that is large and easy to read. Your intro is like an invitation to your audience to watch all the way through to the outro.