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National Blood Donor Month

Especially now during difficult times, especially in a world in which sickness rages on, giving blood is such an important thing. Blood donations save lives, that is the simple fact. There’s a reason that organizations will host a blood drive, in order to compel people to become voluntary blood donors. National Blood Donor Month is the perfect time for people to consider really making a donation that counts!

For those organizations struggling to get people to come in and donate blood as it is a winter month and inclement weather could be a factor, this just means you have to step up your efforts. Make more flyers. Hang posters. Send out email blasts. The health of the world is at stake. We all need to pull together as blood centers struggle to get the supplies they need.

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Why is Donating Blood Important?

There is a rather simple answer as to why blood donations are important—because they save lives. If someone needs an emergency blood transfusion for example, and there is no readily available match, that person could die. It is so important for a hospital to have a variety of blood types on hand and/or otherwise accessible. Why else should people donate blood?

Get The Word Out About your Blood Drive

If you are a healthcare organization or hospital and need to get the word out about your blood drive, we can help. Design Wizard provides access to templates and tools that can help you create some eye-catching posters, lists, flyers, postcards, you name it. The great thing is anyone can become a graphics expert using Design Wizard’s dashboard. Some ideas to help address critical blood shortages and get more people to donate!

Be sure to get creative with your national blood donor month initiatives—in fact, the more creative the better.