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National Compliment Day

National Compliment Day is a celebration of mutual admiration. Use this unofficial holiday on 24th January to compliment loved ones. Try it and see how great it feels to say something nice to family, friends, and co-workers.

Compliments do not only make the receiver happy but also help with building trust in relationships causing happiness for both parties. It's a great way to practice gratitude and embrace positivity.

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Spread Good Vibes on National Compliment Day

First called into existence by Debby Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlin in 1998, this unofficial holiday encourages people to spread good vibes. Co-authors of the book Find Something Nice to Say: The Power of Compliments, the two women from New Hampshire wanted to raise awareness about how compliments positively affect relationships. 

The message of National Compliment Day is clear: Go and see someone you love and give them a compliment. We all need more positivity in our daily lives and this is a great way to get started.

Design Personalized Compliment Cards

Design personalized compliment cards for your loved ones with Design Wizard. Print them or pick the right size for your favorite social media channel to share your appreciation for your friends and family. Or collect your favorite compliments on a vision board to cheer you up on a gloomy day. Here's how you to get started:

Step 1: Depending on what you're planning to create, pick a print or social media size in the Design Wizard dashboard. Browse National Compliment Day templates or start from scratch on an empty canvas.

Step 2: Adjust text and colors on your template or add your compliment in your favorite font style. Add icons or background images that represent what you like about the person you're making a card for or that are representative of what they like.

Step 3: Save and download your compliment card. Send it to your friend and get that warm and fuzzy feeling after a good deed is done.

Why Compliments Are Important

Complimenting is about cheering someone on and making them feel better. Praise can be a powerful source of motivation. Compliments spread happiness for both the recipient and the person who freely gave the compliment. Particularly in the workplace, they create a more positive environment.

Don't fall into the trap of delivering cheesy compliments or general greeting card statements. Here are a few examples that you can change and adapt for the person you're planning on complimenting: