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National Trivia Day

Many people may not be aware of National Trivia Day—except of course for those trivia buffs! Celebrated on January 3, National Trivia Day is a time to recognize your trivia knowledge. From board games to tests to Jeopardy, if you’re a fan of trivia, then you understand how much fun possessing such “trivial” knowledge can be.

This January 3rd what will you do to show your trivia savviness? Maybe have a family night / trivia night? How about a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit, or any trivia game for that matter. Parse your brain for that piece of trivia that might impress your friends or that bit of trivia knowledge that will show your family exactly how smart you are.

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How to Celebrate National Trivia Day

So what exactly can you do come National Trivia Day to demonstrate your mad trivia skills? Below are a few ideas that could make this special day even more fun:

Create your Own Trivia Board Game

Why not get super creative and generate your own trivia game. You can even create a cool game logo for your trivia project. Design Wizard can help.

Step 1: Scroll through our extensive list of game logos. Yes, we do have logos that will work perfectly for your brand new trivia game.

Step 2: Customize your logo. The great thing about our dashboard is that you can customize pretty much any aspect of your new logo that you want. Adjust the color, change up the background, add some specialized text.

Step 3: Save and download your logo, and you can use it anywhere you want. This really is all about creating a trivia frenzy this national trivia day!