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Beer logos are the face of your beer and brewery. Having a logo that matches your beer is crucial to developing your brand and speaking to your audience. In this post, we will take you through various beer logo ideas that can help you craft a crafty logo for your brewery.

The history of beer is almost as long as the history of civilisation. Knowing that beer is one of the oldest drinks produced by humans, there’s little surprise that beer art is old as well. People have enjoyed cold beers and cosy breweries for thousands of years. But in the modern half-trillion dollar global beer market, standing out is important. Now beer production is thriving, beer logos have become incredibly important.

If you run a microbrewery or just a generally young beer business, your logo is the first impression for would-be drinkers. If you’re making craft beer, you’re offering a specialty item requiring a specialty logo. The only issue is that while craft beer is special, it’s no longer unique.

Just as crafting tasty beers has become an art, so has the branding of beers. A brewery will usually put a lot of time and consideration into not only what the beer will taste like, but what the beer will look like. Have a visually appealing beer on offer is half the battle. The other half is creating a tasty beer that people will come back for.

How to Make Brewery Logos Stand Out?

In the brewery industry, marketing is the key to standing out and making lasting deals. That’s why marketing is important during each step from your website to your bottles.

Because the beer market is growing even more ubiquitous and competitive, you need to stand out. One easy way to get started with your beer and branding is with a unique and cool logo. No matter where you display your brand, your logo will be the one thing that ties your whole business together.

Creating New Beer Logos

Choosing your final beer logo should be an exciting process. After all, it’s a choice that will affect your brewery for a very long time.

Like brewing the perfect beer, brewing the perfect logo takes several important steps. First, you need to decide what kind of logo design is most appropriate for your beer.

Many industries have their own sets of accepted design classifications. The beer industry is no different. You will want to start with the classification that best suites your brand of beer.

Circular Brewery Logos

In the craft beer industry, circular logos are the name of the game. You can do a quick Google search right now and you’ll see what we mean.

The circle in your beer logo is simply a well-centred design element that allows you to focus on your text, imagery, or both. If you look to other circular logos for comparison, you’ll notice text or pictures of people, animals, or other things.

The centre of your circle should highlight a recognisable and unique figure. Often, circular logos will feature an inner circle with the design of choice, with the text surrounding it in a second, outside layer. In other examples, the text can cut right through the centre of the image.

You can be quite creative with a circular logo. You can play with the borders surrounding sections and add text in interesting fonts.

A circular logo can be as simple or complex as you’d like. But most of your competition in craft beer will be taking a playful approach to their marketing. Have a look at some of these examples.

Black and White Beer logo

Most great designs start with the right skeletal outline. From this point, you can add as many delicious embellishments as you’d like. Try experimenting with warm colours to draw attention to the centre of the logo.

The label that cuts through the centre will give you plenty of space to add your brewery name. But you can also choose to place text or other colourful design elements around the outer layer of the circle.

There is a lot of room for colourful and creative displays around this template.

Dark and Mysterious Beer Logo

If your beer is a dark beer, it probably makes sense to accompany the beer with a dark and mysterious logo. Your brewery can a minimalist, cool and dark appearance if it suits the style of beer your brewery brews. You can also start with a simple colour scheme. With this design, you can easily start playing around with text designs. The focus doesn’t need to be the text, but there is a lot of great space to add fancy text. Try playing around with fonts and colours.

If you’re not looking to add vibrant, colorful imagery, this template will be good for you. There is room for creativity, but it doesn’t demand a lot of work on your part. Try experimenting with this logo and see how you can maximise the open space’s potential.

Retro Design

This design leaves even more room for creativity within a circular logo. Think about the ways you can use the lines and space in the curved lines.

If you have more to say (or show), this circular logo template offers near-limitless potential for your beer and brewery. There is endless room for text, but also plenty for adding your beer’s concept art. 

One great thing about this template is that you can change the colour scheme quite easily as well. Try playing around and seeing all the ways you can customise it.

Minimalist Design For Your Brewery

Hops can be fit into this logo template using the colours of your choice. You can experiment with shades of green and also have space for fancy text to fit the style of beer.

The colour scheme is left completely open for this template. That means you can start with the colours of your choice and move on to the art itself.

You will find an entire sub-category of beer logos surrounding their ingredients. Compare this template to some of the large breweries’ “hoppy” logos. You can feature a hoppy design or even take a more artistic turn and make a play on the image. Displaying the hop as a beating heart which resembles a real hop is just one idea.

A Pop of Colour to Accompany Your Beer

Layering a logo is a great choice if you feel like you have more creativity you need to express. This template leaves a particularly large space for layering. The outermost layer can also be experimented with a lot. You’ll notice many breweries using a similar outer layer to create a label or laurel-like appearance. If that kind of class is what you’re aiming for with your brand, start seeing what you can do.

This more traditional logo template leaves room for a lot of experimentation. Let loose and see what you can create!


Typographical design is an irregular format, but it’s one that’s popular in the world of brewery logos. Fancy text is displayed on dozens of beer logos.

You can create very memorable and colourful beer logos just using text. Some of the most recognisable brands use a simple text template. Think of Coors, Corona, Miller, and, to an extent, Heineken.

Once you have a font-based logo that looks great, there’s no rule saying you must stop there. Typographical beer logos often include smaller design elements sprinkled between the main element (the text).

When you’re making your own typographic logo, try playing with different fonts and colours. Add layers to the text for an optimal effect. The text should have visible borders to stand out. Then you can focus on the smaller design elements there will normally be room to add. 

A typographical logo will place a larger emphasis on the text. Your company name and the name of your beer will be displayed more artistically and/or prominently. But you will often also see short catch-phrases placed inside these logo’s designs. You may even see text replaced with images in some examples.

Say it Sideways

Our typographical designs all allow you to edit the font to the one of your choice.

This beer logo uses the aptly named font – ‘Great Vibes’ – for the larger calligraphy-styled text. Calligraphy-styled typography is a go-to for so many beer companies – and with good reason. The font gives a laid back, loose and relaxed appearance, which makes it a perfect match for a beer logo. 

And when it comes to font pairings, just remember they aren’t alcohol, so don’t be afraid to mix. ‘Great Vibes’ is accompanied by the stronger font Teko for BEER, which gives a nice contrast to logos typographic style. 

Depending on how you pair the fonts and choose your colors, typographical beer logos can give a fresh, energetic and professional look to your beer brand and logo.

If a typographical logo design is something you see working for your brew and brewery, try experimenting with different fonts and colours available in Design Wizard until you find something that fits your beer brand.

Whichever fonts you settle on, just make sure it’s legible and memorable. 

Big and Bold Brewery Design

This simple start offers you a fast track to a text-based original design. The face of the design is “Shrikhand”, which adds a more bold and unapologetic appearance. Remember, there are still dozens of fonts to test out.

Typographical beer logos that are separated by a graphic should normally have text that is more imposing. Otherwise, you risk having the type overshadowed by the imagery, which defeats the purpose of a “typographical” logo. But if you are a fan of this font or others like it, this template’s arrangement is worth experimenting with.

Classic and Cursive

These kinds of plays on text are common among beer companies. You don’t always need symmetry and uniformity for your typographical logo.

This template uses “Alex Brush” for the “name” text, and “Roboto Condensed” for the “beer” text.

In these typographical arrangements, it’s important that the larger text is the more embellished text. You can play around with the sizes of each font to make the final result more attractive.

Add Colour to Your Beer

The “Nosifer” font used here is especially appropriate in a typographical beer logo. This template allows you to get almost as creative with the text as you do with the rest of the logo.

You’ll occasionally see other beer logos that use fonts to make their beer come to life. Now you can too. Try changing the colour of the font into one that more closely resembles the natural colour of your beer. The drippy and suddy appearance of the logo will still appear just as refreshing.

Another feature you could easily change is the background colour. See if a change in the background colour matches the rest of the logo you make.

Make Your Brewery Stand Out From the Crowd

The “Londrina Outline” font used in this template offers a lot of opportunities for simple editing. It’s not a very intimidating look. But it’s also one where you can experiment with colours and borders. Using the extra space and the design on the right, you can incorporate more design elements.

There are a lot of craft beer companies that opt to make the name more simply and prominently displayed. Try to draw inspiration from similar companies.

Emblem & Badges for Your Brewery

Emblematic logos are a great, traditional option. If you’re trying to play on historic nostalgia, this will be the kind of logo you’ll be working with. But you can also give emblem logos a more contemporary look with a few touches.

There’s no way of pretending that emblematic or badge logos are easy to create. They are probably the hardest kind of logo to get right. But if you are feeling creative, they are a great choice.

You can start making simpler badge or emblem logos using these templates. Even if you’re very creative, it’s good to start with templates that leave a lot of room for creative freedom. Emblem and badge logos are common in the beer industry because of the versatility they offer.

Plain and Simple

The quintessential emblem logo template. What do you think you could add inside it?

The main grab of the emblem and badge logo category is its versatility. If you don’t know where to start, then maybe using the next few emblematic logos is more advisable. But if you have a lot of design ideas, Design Wizard has the tools you need to make sure they all fit into this template.

The room for detail in the traditional emblem template is immense. Try seeing how you can fit your company name, an image of your beer, and all the other imagery you have inside.You can also make a few quick changes to swap the colour of the inside or either of the border layers.

Play with Shapes

This emblem template is a great choice for light beers. The space for your design and text are all laid out for you. But a few colour changes could make it a great choice for other kinds of beer.

This template highlights the space you have set aside for the beer’s name. But the centre is ideally suited for a portrait of a person or animal. If you can see your concept art fitting into the frame, go ahead and start formatting it in Design Wizard.

Make it Modern

You will often see this kind of colour scheme and design on IPAs. You have even more space to add unique features with this template. There is also ample space for fancy text along the bottom.

Each section of this template offers room for change. You could even add text in the central area.

Push the Boundaries

This template offers an overlap between emblematic and geographic design features. Think about how creative you can get with this outline.

Some beer companies prefer the more modern appearance of these emblematic logos. The emblem and badge category doesn’t always follow the same strict design rules. You could even flip the image around and move the ribbon. Then, try experimenting with the colour scheme, or just start inserting your own designs.

Classic Emblem

Cooler colours are more suitable for some emblematic logos. You have plenty of space to add hyper-creative text and design.

Logo Ideas

When it comes to embellishing your design, there are many artistic themes to draw inspiration from. Try incorporating some of the following themes into your logo.

Historic Logos for Brewing Companies

Period pieces are a great inspiration for marketing artwork. When it comes to beer, there is a lot of history you can tap into for inspiration. Beer has been around forever, so nostalgic art is completely appropriate, especially as a part of emblematic logos.

The industrial era of the mid-to-late 1800s is the more common choice for beer marketing imagery. But you can also choose to go back even further if you’d like. You can find beers, craft or otherwise, that take a medieval theme.

To make a historic beer logo, try to incorporate people and items as they would’ve appeared a long time ago. Play around with dress, transportation, or devices that would’ve been used historically.

There are less design rules to consider when making historic beer logos. “Historic” is a broad category that doesn’t relegate you to specific colours or patterns. The only rules are to stay true to the era you are portraying and to make the logo look as great as possible.

Agricultural Logos

Logos featuring the ingredients of your beer are the best way to advertise to certain audiences. True beer connoisseurs care a great deal about the work and ingredients that go into a great glass of beer. Displaying those ingredients in an aesthetic fashion will be a great draw to those customers.

People who like hoppy beers will naturally gravitate to a beer with a logo that displays their favourite tastes right on the bottle. Beyond displaying the ingredient of choice, there are a few tips that will help you play on their desires.

Remember to choose the right colours when displaying ingredients. Keep the display both appetizing and interesting. You can get very creative with these kinds of logos. Hops and other ingredients look great in their natural form. You can also make creative twists using the ingredients to make them more interesting.

Try to choose a background colour that complements the natural colour of the ingredients you display. Or, if you’re changing the ingredient’s colour for artistic purposes, keep the colour pattern attractive with a colour scheme that contrasts well.

Modern Logos For a Modern Brewery

Giving a modern touch to a more historic logo is possible. The “modern” appearance is normally just a question of colours. Modern logos should be well-defined and very clear to the viewer. Colours should be brighter and crisper.

Retro/Vintage Logos

These rustic logos are meant to fit in with a rustic, local aesthetic. They will feature references to local heritage and keep them in mind throughout the design.

Retro logos normally feature symbols that hold a deeper significance in the region and brewery the beer is brewed in. This can include images of important animals or geographic features associated with the region the brewery comes from. Think of the popularity of animals like the deer or fox in many classical beer companies. But you will often notice images of professions such as captains on these kinds of logos as well.

The colour schemes on retro logos are normally very simple. In fact, it’s easy to start making one by starting with a simple, dark, and rustic background colour. The design elements placed on top of the template can be as simple or complex as you see fit. Just remember to stick with that local, down-to-earth aesthetic.

Design Tips For Brewing The Best Beer Logos

Drawing Inspiration From Others, and Your Beer

It’s hard to create a new beer logo completely from scratch. Fortunately, there is already an abundance of logos from successful breweries.

Look to the logos that are in the same line as your brewery. Craft beer in particular is well-known for humorous names and designs.

It’s a good idea to simply gloss over much of your competition for inspiration. You aren’t doing so to copy them, but just to get an idea of the artistic direction you want to go down. That way, you can move onto designing a better and more unique logo.

Choosing A Theme for Your Brewery

All great beer logos follow a set theme. After you’ve studied your competition, it’s a good idea to start with the theme of your beer and its logo.

We’ve gone over the types of beer logos and some design ideas. Local animals, historic imagery, and all sorts of other ideas can serve as great themes. Many of the most successful beer brands are selling a way of life alongside their beer through their marketing.

Take Risks With Your Brewery

Being original with a logo is inherently risky. When it comes to beer logos, that’s completely fine!

A beer logo, especially when it comes to craft beer, will normally be different and unique. It’s completely normal for a beer logo design to be a bit out there, or even a bit absurd.

Taking risks is a normal part of making a graphic logo. So, feel free to take your time and experiment with all the design tools and elements available to you. You never know which step will spark the inspiration you need to complete an amazing beer logo design.

If you’re more risk-averse, you can still take risks using a more minimalistic approach. Just remember that unique appearances are the norm in the beer industry.

Congruence Between Logos, Label Art & Your Brewery

Being unique from other beer brands is a very good thing. But it’s important to maintain brand consistency within your own brewery. So, think about how your beer logo compares with your label art and other graphics.

Your beer logo should be unique while also staying in line with all your other marketing efforts.

Start Brewing Your Own Logo

You can start designing the perfect beer logo right now. Choose a template based on the logo type you want to use. Then, go crazy! The brewery industry is well-known for its vibrant art.

You can use the tools you see on Design Wizard to embellish your logo into the perfect image for your business. It’s easy to learn and easy to edit, so keep going until you have the logo you need. Have a look at the designs you can use and get started with your unique logo.

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