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National Nothing Day

National Nothing Day celebrated on 16th January was first called into existence by journalist Harold Pullman Coffin in 1972. The quirky holiday is sponsored by the National Nothing Foundation and true to its name you can't find any information on the organization online. 

This bizarre holiday is supposed to be a kind of "non-event" prompting philosophical debates about the concept of nothingness. How do you define nothing in a scientifically advanced world where researchers debunk myths about nothingness in space by talking about particles and matter in outer space?

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Give Yourself Permission to Do Nothing

Philosophy and science aside, this is an opportunity for people to give themselves permission to do nothing. Sounds intriguing and easy at first but in our fast-paced lives with the ability to be connected to the world wide web at all times, this might actually turn into a challenging concept. Define the nature of nothingness for yourself. Literally not moving and lying in bed all day is probably too hard for the average person.

It's more about focusing on taking a step back after the not too long ago hectic holiday season. Overworked people might find it hard to sit still because they always need to do something. Rather than forcing yourself to do literally nothing, use the day to look at mindfulness practices that you can carry on doing to slow down the pace of your life.

Prepare for National Nothing Day with a Custom Design

Even though this isn't a public holiday or a religious holiday, you can still get excited about celebrating it in advance. Visualize that excitement with a personalized design that you can also use to get your friends and family to enjoy the benefits of doing nothing.

Step 1: Pick a template from the Design Wizard library of National Nothing Day designs. 

Step 2: Add text or change the colors and background until you've found what you want to look at to keep you relaxed on this quirky holiday.

Step 3: Save and download your final National Nothing Day design. It's as easy as that.

The Philosophy of Doing Nothing

So what does doing nothing mean? Is it just about avoiding anything that is productive like watching movies or scrolling social media? Even if you just sit there doing nothing, your body is still working to keep you alive. This is where it becomes philosophical and people start to struggle with the idea of nothingness. 

Rather than spending the day lying in bed binge-watching your favorite shows, turn this day into a day where you practice meditation and mindfulness to get comfortable just being by yourself. It's doing something but it's taking you out of your usual routine, which can be hugely beneficial for reducing stress levels.

Discover the True Nature of National Nothing Day

This anti-holiday, if you want to call it that, is the exact opposite of a holiday that always requires some kind of action. Usually, that's spending time with family or taking an action on a particular awareness day. National Nothing Day is designed to take you out of the everyday and gives you time to reflect.