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Student Volunteering Week

Student Volunteering Week is all about connecting young people with volunteer opportunities for a positive impact in the local community. You’ll find that Student Volunteering Week is on at different times depending on the country you’re studying in. But no matter where you are, this week is dedicated to sharing ideas, showcasing the work of charities, and getting involved.

Participating in volunteer work is also great for making new friends, improving the look of your CV, and overall well-being. It’s an opportunity to stand up for what you believe in and what you’re passionate about. Many students join a volunteer program to do their part in the fight against social injustice or promote sustainability to help with the climate crisis.

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Create Designs for Volunteering Week

Create flyers, posters, or invitations for volunteer events. In Design Wizard, you can design it all in just a few clicks and get back to the important work you’re doing for the cause that’s close to your heart. 

Here’s how to create a professional-looking design quickly:

Step 1: Scroll through our treasure trove of posters, flyers, and social media posts templates around volunteering week or the cause that you’re passionate about. From different poster sizes to the correct specs for various social media channels, find it all in the templates library or use the resize tool.

Step 2: Use the easy-to-use tools in the Design Wizard dashboard to adjust colors, text, or add images from our library of backgrounds.

Step 3: Save and download your new flyer, poster, or social media post. Print your design or share it online to increase awareness about your cause.

Raise Awareness During Student Volunteering Week

See what’s happening in your community and around your university during student volunteering week. Find out what you can do as a student to help people. Becoming a volunteer might not be as hard as you think. Throughout volunteering week you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sign up for a cause of your choice.

You might even have difficulty choosing one of the many great programs out there. Students are often passionate about many different things and that’s great! Ask yourself how much time you can commit to volunteering and what skills you can bring to the table that would be particularly helpful for a cause. You can narrow it down a little bit more this way and pick what suits you best. Once you’ve made your decision, dive straight in and raise awareness about the cause that’s close to your heart.