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National Popcorn Day

National Popcorn Day celebrates all types of popcorn. From buttered popcorn to caramel popcorn to the salty variety and everything in between, they've all become a delicious snack eaten all over the world. 

It's a mystery where and why this national holiday popped up but it's been celebrated since approximately 1988. Join in the fun and try fascinating new varieties like candy-covered popcorn, bacon popcorn, or cake batter popcorn.

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The Science Behind Popcorn

The only variety of corn that can be popped is zea mays everta. It has a tiny kernel of water at its center. This is surrounded by a hard shell called a hull. When this is heated up the droplet of water turns into steam creating pressure. The pressure builds up and the kernel explodes and turns inside out. And that's how you get tasty popcorn!

Craft Designs for Your National Popcorn Day Party

Want to throw a National Popcorn Day Party where you and your friends get to try the strangest flavored popcorn types like buffalo bleu cheese popcorn, chive popcorn, chocolate popcorn, or curry popcorn? Design your party invitations with Design Wizard.

Step 1: Browse our library of National Popcorn Day templates. Save your favorites and open your chosen invitation template.

Step 2: Customize your invitation to add your personal style. Adjust colors to represent the different flavors of popcorn and add images. Adjust the text to give your friends all the details about your party.

Step 3: Save and download your invitation. Or select the option to share it directly to your social media feed to let your friends know about your plans that way.

How to Celebrate National Popcorn Day

The favorite moviegoing snack calls for a fun popcorn movie night. Get your favorite blend of popcorn and a movie ready, invite your friends and family, and get the party started.


Or use the day to learn about the fascinating history of popcorn. Popcorn is a popular snack today but was more than a tasty treat many years ago. For example, did you know that the origins of popcorn lie with the Aztecs and that next to using it as a food source also used it to decorate clothes and craft ceremonial objects?