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World Vegan Day

For those wondering, what is World Vegan Day…It was actually established in 1994 and is meant to celebrate the vegan lifestyle that so many adhere to. Celebrated every November 1, this is an occasion that is indeed special for all those out there with a vegan lifestyle. Did you know that vegan diets now comprise almost fifteen percent of the world’s population? That is a fairly large number, and so the creation of a World Vegan Day really does make sense.

For those who stay away from animal products and eschew meat consumption, the good news there are more and more vegan options available for you. And World Vegan Day is as good a day as any to celebrate such options!

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Celebrating A Healthy Lifestyle…

So what can you do to commemorate this special day, one in which plant-based products and the benefits of veganism are heralded? You are not alone in your celebration of world vegan day. There are a number of vegan celebrities who happily join in, acknowledging their commitment to veganism as well. Among them Ellen DeGeneres, Pamela Anderson and Ariana Grande. And this just scratches the surface.

Some of the things you might do or create to acknowledge World Vegan Day include:

You really can get creative. Invite friends and family over and celebrate all things vegan!

Which Country Has the Most Vegans?

Veganism is prevalent around the world. More countries than you probably think are populated by numerous people who follow a vegan lifestyle. Below are a few fast facts regarding some of the world’s most prominent vegan countries.

With 30+% of the population opting for the vegan version of pretty much everything, this is a vegan mecca.

Israel comes in second with a respectable 5%.

While just over two percent of the population are vegan in Italy, it is still known as a vegan-friendly country.

Why Go Vegan?

This is a question that many ask in terms of altering their diet, eating habits and overall lifestyle. The reasons and consequent benefits of turning to plant-based food over meat products are actually quite numerous.

The reasons for going vegan are evident. Many people however wonder if they can truly tolerate a diet that is absent of meat. Ask anyone who’s converted to a vegan, more compassionate life and their answer is that you quickly get used to going meat-free. In fact, they love their vegan diet!