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Halloween Projects

Halloween is a holiday that brings with it a ton of fun, laughter, parties and who could forget trick-or-treating. One of the best things about this time of year is that you can get super imaginative when it comes to decorating and creating those mementos that will make friends and family smile!

So what will you do to make this year’s Halloween like no other? From holiday-inspired Zoom backgrounds to banners and posters, Design Wizard has your next Halloween project ready to go. No graphic experience needed either—even a novice can create a spectacular (or should we say spooktacular) Halloween design that will impress all those on your party guest list.

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Create Your Own Halloween-Inspired Backgrounds, Stickers or Gift Certificates

Want to give out something other than just the same-old same-old candy treats this year? How about custom made Halloween gift certificates? Want to have some fun at the office meeting this Halloween season—we have the ideal Zoom background for you. And if you’re a regular social media user, we have templates that enable you to create amazing Halloween posts. So have some fun with it!

Step 1: Scroll through our extensive library of fun, spooky or whimsical Halloween project templates. We have everything from witches on broomsticks to black cats and beyond. Truly, you can create virtually anything using our templates. Allow us to help make this Halloween memorable. 

Step 2: Start customizing your bespoke project. This is a reflection of you…and your Halloween spirit of course. So add those creative touches. Want to change some aspect of the background, it couldn’t be easier. How about adjusting the colors of your Halloween banner? You can tweak the layout of the spooky stickers you create. Even someone brand new to banner or sticker creation can do it! 

Step 3: Personalize your Halloween project. Let’s say for example that you want to add a photo to a Halloween banner. Not a problem…Simply upload the desired photos/images and watch your Halloween-themed design take shape. 

Step 4: Save your design, download and use it wherever you like. As we mentioned, we have templates for Halloween inspired social media posts—so go online and post away! Hang up those Halloween banners. Send your files to a professional printer and have custom Halloween party accessories ready to go. You really can do pretty much anything you like once your project is complete.

The Top Five Halloween Images…

Whether you’re looking to create a Halloween banner, unique holiday themed wallpaper, a Zoom background that will leave your friends and colleagues talking, or even a Halloween tier list to keep things organized and spirited, we have a professionally designed template for you. 

So what are some of the most popular images used when it comes to Halloween-themed items?