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Orthodox Christmas Day

For some people, Christmas Day comes a bit later. Orthodox Christmas Day falls on January 7th. This is because the people who do celebrate Orthodox Christmas are following the Julian calendar—not the Gregorian calendar which puts Christmas on Dec. 25th. Those who attend certain orthodox churches, people from various orthodox countries and those from some European countries for example will have their big Christmas events in and around January 7th.

As with Christmas celebrated in accordance with the Gregorian calendar, Orthodox Christmas Day is commemorated in much the same way. There are still religious rituals associated with this Orthodox Christmas holiday, there are feasts and gatherings. And there is usually a church service that orthodox Christians attend.

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Who Celebrates Orthodox Christmas?

The question of who exactly celebrates orthodox Christmas can sometimes be a complex one—again, it goes back to which calendar is followed. It was a Catholic Pope who adjusted the dates of Christmas back in the 1500s, many countries that did not recognize the papacy ignored this change. Their religious festivals and religious celebrations thus remained aligned with the Julian calendar. Such countries include Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, Serbia, and Moldova, among others. Many eastern orthodox Christians adhere to the traditional ways and dates. And the holidays Armenian influenced are actually celebrated January 6th.

What Can You Do On Orthodox Christmas?

Orthodox Christmas is celebrated just like any other type of Christmas. The baby Jesus’s birth has come to symbolize so many things to so many people around the world. Why not have an old-fashioned Christmas celebration to commemorate orthodox Christmas day? You can send out invitations and make a huge family feast, and we can help with the invitation part of your gathering.

Step 1: Scroll through our library of colorful and vibrant Christmas invites! We have an invitation for just about every occasion to include orthodox Christmas day.

Step 2: Customize your invitation. Whether you want to feature Santa Claus, the baby Jesus, or a Coptic orthodox symbol, we’ve got you covered. You can adjust the color, change the background and even add a special font. How about personalizing your invitation by adding a meaningful image?

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When Should Your Celebrate Orthodox Christmas?  

While there can be some slight variation, as far as religious holidays, it is generally celebrated on January 7th. It was Pope Gregory XIII who changed the calendar in the 16th century thereby adjusting the original dates of a number of Christian celebrations. Since then, much of the world made the public holiday of Christmas on December 25th. However, those who still follow a Julian calendar will celebrate Orthodox Christmas instead.